DIY Valuable Leadership Presence

Develop more Valuable Leadership Presence with this online program that will help you create more: 

Insight, Influence, and Impact

Yes! I want to build my Leadersip Presence!

The Successful Leader's “X Factor”

Executive leadership presence is the successful leader “X factor.” These valuable leaders assert influence, drive change, and inspire organizational performance. It’s a social-organizational phenomenon that becomes most noticeable when leaders take the bigger stage in a new role or strategic initiative.

Evidence Based Scientifically Validated

Grounded in extensive research in leadership, communications, psychology, and social action theories and philosophy leadership presences is clarified as a three-dimensional model of character, substance, and style. Within these dimensions are 15 distinct facets that are proven to drive engagement, alignment, and performance.

5 Steps to Improve Your Leadership Presence

An online roadmap that walks you through 5 steps to target the right development areas.

Insights and Action Coaching Options

Modules to build on your learnings and fuel positive change. Emphasizing a strengths-based approach that leverages your unique gifts with strategies to build change  velocity and durability.

Optional live, bespoke, one-to-one coaching options

"This helped me find confidence, see the bigger picture, and identify areas to improve. I am loving my new role and very grateful for all this guidance that helped me get here! "

Chief Data Scientist

Build Your Leadership Presence

For just $97 you get access to descriptions and tips on each of the 3 dimensions and 15 facets of Leadership Presence. Plus 5 steps that guide you how to develop your own leadership presence. For a limited time, you can add on individualized, live, one-to-one coaching.