Free: Executive Leadership Presence Assessment 

Extensive research shows that Executive Leadership Presence (ELP) has 3 dimensions each with 5 facets that are proven to be the keys to unlock influence and gravitas. The following survey helps you stack rank your highest to lowest of the 15 facets.

As you think about each facet and where you might rank it for yourself, think in terms of how others see you. ELP is like beauty, it's in the eyes of the beholder. It is how you show up as a leader. That's why you want to think about how people see you. i.e., You see yourself as very high with "Integrity," maybe it's one of your top values. What you want to know for evaluating your ELP, is how do you show up to others concerning "Integrity." The model looks at the facets as a series of specific behaviors, not values.

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Take the Assessment