valuable (adjectivevalu·​able | \ ˈval-yə-bəl,  -yə-wə-bəl-yü-ə-

a: having desirable or esteemed characteristics or qualities

b: of great use or service

leadership  (noun) lead·​er·​ship | \ ˈlē-dər-ˌship

a: a relationship of influence and change

b: the act or an instance of leading

I am an executive coach and strategic leadership consultant leveraging my unique experience, growing, in less than 10 years, from a barista to the CEO of Seattle’s world famous Pike Place Market. I help smart people become great leaders. My background includes Fortune 500 leadership and $500 million P&L responsibility. My client list includes executives at Amazon, Airbnb, BP, Coca-Cola, Dell, Google, GSK, Home Depot, International Rescue Committee, Microsoft, Novo Nordisk, Philips, Schwab, Starbucks, World Trade Organization, and many others.

My mission with Valuable Leadership® is to help build a more inclusive world. A world where leaders influence and inspire hearts, minds, and hands. A world where leaders produce positive financial, social and community results for everyone.

To do this, I help experts, high-achievers, C-level and other executives develop their authenticity, presence, and leadership. My clients get traction and velocity, increasing their durability to lead — and manage — in the volatile, uncertain, complex, chaotic and ambiguous challenges we face. 

My clients realize more satisfaction, confidence and better outcomes as they lean into their full leadership value.

"Leadership is Change!"

I help smart high-achievers create velocity and durability while becoming more valuable leaders.

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"My confidence in navigating with executive team members has improved. I balance consideration for others with a focus on the outcomes."

Fortune 100 Chief Data Analytics Officer


"Leadership is a Journey!"

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