What they are saying in the leadership industry...

Executive Coach

Daniel really heard the complexity of my mindset and, at each point, brought me back to a point of positive construction; what can I build on here and now.

Leadership Development Firm 

Founder & CEO

I have always been impressed with Daniel’s wisdom and style. He knows a lot and is very effective when sharing it so that his clients get good information in a way they can absorb it and use it. He’s one of the good guys!

Leadership Development Expert

Daniel knows how to move groups to agreement, coach and guide leaders into new behaviors, and put himself on the line to tell the truth.

Executive Coach & International Firm Founder

Daniel was able to summarize his observations of what was going on for me in a way that brought me insight and learning. This was a key strength that not every coach is good at and I really benefited from it. In each session, I was able to see myself or my situation differently and carry an insight back into my life/work to make a difference. Thanks to Daniel, I experienced how powerful it can be when someone can make a concise observation of what they noticed from what I said.

Executive Coach & Therapist

I’m much clearer on my immediate priorities, and my vision has evolved into something really inspiring. Thanks a lot for your support; you helped me navigate this ocean of uncertainty, for which I am very grateful. I am on track toward our defined vision and ready to overcome short-term tactical challenges.