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Marketing Executive

Daniel helped me better understand myself, my purpose, and strengths/weaknesses. His ability to shine a light on challenges and provide practical steps/exercises to address was really helpful. The coaching helped me build better cognitive skills and problem solving. I appreciated his altruistic stance - it felt like it wasn’t about achieving an outcome or objective that had been dictated; it was much bigger than that. His compassion and honest care was really important. He was quite comfortable pushing back on me. Really trying to get me to go further. And I did!

Chief Product Officer

This is a big role for me, with both product and design reporting to me. I am grateful for the time we spent together. Being able to work on my story and also build out my resonance was a key element in getting this job.

Chief Data Scientist

Daniel’s coaching helped me find confidence, see the bigger picture, and identify improvement areas. I am loving a lot of the role and very grateful for all his guidance that helped me get here!

Engineering SVP

The personalized and actionable guidance was wonderful. Daniel understood my current situation and helped create a foundation for successful movement towards my longer-term aspirations. His real-world examples and practical experiences addressed my current challenges/opportunities. I got tremendous value from the supportive, uplifting feedback. Daniel is easy to connect with, and genuine without fluff and formality.

Engineering VP

Thanks for always being a positive and supportive force over the past few years.