Executive Leadership Coaching


Successful, High Achieving Experts

What is the purpose of this program?

The Valuable Leadership Signature Coaching Program helps people increase their impact and influence, so they become more valuable leaders. The program helps high achievers lead with more authenticity and inspiration. My clients make fast and lasting changes that get better results by increasing their leadership presence. 

I am Daniel Lieberman; I have been helping leaders improve outcomes and earn promotions for nearly 30 years. I went from being a barista to a CEO in less than 10 years because I was able to develop my own, and other’s ability to add significant value as leaders. Over the past 15 years I have coached 100’s of high-achieving experts and executives to create meaningful change because they learn how to elevate their unique executive presence to deliver better results.

Does this sound like you?

People admire your track record and accomplishments but that doesn’t move them to the next level of action. You are an accomplished and credible expert but are not as successful at consistently swaying others to champion and support your initiatives and projects. 

You are a high achiever who wants to scale your impact but you’re not getting enough cohesion with people and teams. You have gotten where you are by delivering outstanding results, but the same strategies and tactics aren’t taking you and your work product as far as you want.

You know what you want to get done, but you’re not sure how to get others to support you effectively and do their part. You aren’t having enough success managing up and accross and your objectives aren’t being consistently supported.

You're pulled by multiple priorities. Pressures of time, focus, and deliverables sometimes dilute your confidence and effectiveness. The constant churn and ambiguity of what is most important is confusing and confounding your accomplishments.

At times, you don’t feel confident and clear enough to move your objectives swiftly forward. Imposter syndrome may creep in more than you’d wish and derail your attention and energy.

Why is this program needed?

Credibility, hard work, and past success are just the admission ticket. Just getting there however, doesn’t necessarily inspire people to do the next right thing.

Titles and positional authority are certainly something. Yet they don’t make leaders who win trust and commitment from others to follow and give their best.

Leadership is a relationship. Without committed followers (these can be direct reports, peers, and even managers), “leaders” don’t get things done in a way that builds lasting value.

Being, and bringing who you authentically is essential to be durable as a leader. Faking it to make it, or not being true to yourself only gets people so far for so long.

Some typical issues my clients face are…

Feeling frustrated or confused because what has worked in the past isn’t working now.

A new title and promotion are great accomplishments but not getting traction quickly enough on KPIs and other priorities isn't.

It’s hard to convince people and get them to adopt your ideas. People are smart, complicated, and their motivations aren't always linear or overt. 

Sustaining confidence and clarity is a challenge because there are competing priorities and interests.


What results and outcomes can you expect from this program?

  • Less frustration and more clarity, combined with an enhanced ability to engage others so they align and act cohesively.
  • Dramatically more executive leadership presence and confidence to take on, and succeed, leading big, value-adding work.
  • Tangible influence and understanding that builds advocates and champions with engaged hearts and minds to make change happen.
  • Increased recognition as a leader with vision that mobilizes meaningful plans and delivers large-scale, high-value results.
  • The ability to transform the story, leading, as the Maori saying goes, by “touching hearts before holding hands.”

What can you expect to gain if you work with me?

Real executive and leadership presence that has the impact and leverage needed to be successful as a senior executive and  influential leader. 

Elevated understanding of the current reality, clarified vision, goals and aspirations that are linked to strategies and tactics that build and sustain positive results.

Increased energy, engagement and focus that inspires connection, collaboration and offers people hope that mobilizes them.

We work closely together in a one-to-one setting where I will shine light on the important things you don’t see and help you develop the mindset and skills required to realize your objectives. Before we close, we’ll create a powerful plan to sustain the gain.

What do we cover in the Valuable Leadership Signature Coaching program? 

This signature coaching program begins by assessing your current reality. We uncover the key highlights of your success to see what valuable traits got you here. We examine your current reality to get an accurate and full picture of the landscape and terrain that provides situational awareness.  

I use the leading scientific, evidenced-based tools that distill your key strengths and the opportunities to leverage. The coaching program increases clarity, confidence, and influence. This helps my clients deliver meaningful impact. It helps people become more true to themselves, and more impressive as leaders. The people they work with become committed advocates, champions and doers of the desired change(s).

Why does my approach get results? 

I use the industry’s best, evidence-based, scientifically validated assessments that divine your signature strengths will accelerate your impact and make it durable.

I provide one-of-a-kind, bespoke coaching that meets you where you are and helps you shift your mindset and skill set as needed to maintain and enhance your authenticity and elivate your leadership effectiveness.

I provide a beacon of light that shines on the important things you’re not seeing that will make a measurable difference in your leadership.

I foster action learning for insight and reflection that tackles problems with cohesiveness, generative innovation, and systems thinking, to enhance results.

How is my approach and experience different from most coaches?

I am not your everyday executive leadership coach. I have a master’s degree in coaching, plus nearly 1000 additional hours in coach specific education. That’s coupled with my own leadership growth from barista to a CEO in less than 10 years. 

I have extensive turn-around and operational executive leadership experience with P&L responsibility up to $500M and 1000 people in my organization. Ultimately, as the CEO of the world-famous Pike Place Market in Seattle.

I have coached hundreds of executives with more than 5000 hours of coaching in a myriad of industries and diverse company sizes. From the Fortune 10 (through 500) and the Halo 100, to startups, family businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and global NGOs. 

My clients work at many world-class companies (see the complete list here), from Amazon to Zillow, Coca-Cola to Disney, The Tennessee Titans to the University of Southern California, Home Depot to Starbucks, and Google to Microsoft. 

My clients consistently appreciate (see what they're saying here) that I have the experience and intellect to understand their world and goals that create unique and personalized coaching that delivers real and lasting results.

My non-traditional upbringing, education, and work experience gives me an amazing gift for understanding. I illuminate and decode issues around gender, ethnicity and other issues of workplace bias. I am known and appreciated for my ability to develop strategies and tactics that foster more belonging and inclusion.

What this program is not…

  • Not pre-packaged; each leader brings their own story, strengths, and sensibilities that are leveredged to bring more power and influence to your leadership.
  • Not off-the-shelf or one size-fits-all; the program centers on who you authentically and uniquely are and provides a clear and achievable path to how you want to be as a leader.
  • Not about me and my agenda; it is all about you and yours, meeting your goals and aspirations with velocity and durability.
  • Not for everybody; it is for people who are ready to take responsibility and be the change they want to see.

What are some results my clients have achieved?

A Fortune 100 Chief Data Analytics Officer was not able to convince C-suite to invest $100M to reduce $1B in supply chain expenses over 5 years. I was hired to help her create and implement a strategy to get the initiative a green light.

We put together a strategy with tactics to up-level her influence by transforming the story, meeting the leadership team where they are, and building champions to lead the change.  

Five months after creating our plan, the project was approved by an enthusiastic leadership team. Who said not only would this reduce expenses, they were thrilled because it was an opportunity to increase market share in the very competitive industry.

A health system physician executive was responsible for finding operational savings. He had been successful in a single hospital reducing expenses by $7M and improving outcomes for 2 years. He was promoted to an enterprise-wide role with the hope of saving more than $100M in 3 years. However, he wasn’t able to convince the decision-making committee to move forward on several projects.

I was hired to help him build the influence that would get the projects consistently approved. We assessed his skills and the current state of the committee, then built a template to improve cycle times and win rates. 

My client transformed the story by becoming more adept at reading and responding to the committee. While using a consistent process to increase the cycle time.

He was able to increase the approval rate from 38% project approval to a full 100%!

This produced $28M savings in just 6 months. My client increased the 3-year projection, believing with his new approach he would be able to save the system over $150M.

My client at a Fortune 100 tech company was praised for being visionary, but panned because she kept her “elbows out” and they were sharp. She was struggling to make progress with a bold project that would positively impact more than 25% of the workforce.

I was hired to help her build more velocity. We built a plan using his strengths as pillars for executive leadership presence and a stakeholder map that would create advocates and champions.

The project was completed and implemented on time, with extremely high adoption and satisfaction. My client was promoted to an SVP role and sponsored to scale the project for enterprise-wide implementation.

What's the next step?
If you think working with me might be for you, we’ll set up a 30-45-minute meeting to answer any questions you may have and make sure the program is the right fit for you and your business. I’ll mostly ask you a lot of questions to better understand your situation, challenges, and goals. I do not use any heavy-handed selling techniques or apply any pressure to work with me.
Let's Talk!