The Valuable Leadership Presence Accelerator

This program features the first and only research-based assessment to measure leadership presence. Gain scientifically-validated clarity on leadership facets that will significantly improve your influence and impact.

A Clear Path...

The program provides you with a clear path to understanding your leadership presence and how it is felt by others. It is a holistic approach to leadership that looks at your brand of presence in three dimensions. The assessment, and coaching insights will enable you to discover your strengths and gaps within 15 critical areas of leadership.

Evidence Based

Scientifically Validated

Focused on the three dimensions of leadership presence - Character, Substance, and Style. Individual rating scales measure 15 distinct facets proven by research to be directly related to a leader’s ability to influence. 

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Powerful Insights

Actionable Results

The results create clarity about the strengths leaders can leverage to make significant gains in their influence, impact, and the business outcomes required for success.

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"Very valuable for my development and growth to broaden my perspectives on several topics, on excellent leadership in particular."

Financial Executive - Fortune 10 Energy Sector

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A free, self-assessment: how you're showing up on the 15 leadership presence facets. This assessment uses the 15 facets, not the scientifically validated instrument used in the Leadership Presence Accelerator program.

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